Steel Structure

Steel Structure

Structural steel is fabricated off-site under controlled conditions, ensuring a high quality product and reducing the number of costly fixes at the job site. This also allows for just-in-time delivery, accelerating overall project schedules.

Today's modern mills produce steel containing an average of 88% recycled material. At the end of a building's life cycle, 100% of the steel frame can be recycled. Steel is the choice for environmentally conscious projects.

Structural steel leads the construction industry with a fully intergrated supply chain using advanced technology at all stages of design and construction. This technology has been proven to reduce or eliminate errors, improve safety and lower project costs.

Structural steel is reliable and predictable. It's produced to precise tolerances in size and strength. This makes steel easier to design and use. Furthermore, since it's at full strength as soon as it's errected, project schedules are predictably shorter.

Structural steel provides owners with buildings that generate revenue earlier, maximize the amount and use of floor space, are easy to modify and easier to sell. They are also aesthetically pleasing.

Structural steel is the most economical building framinig material. Project costs are lowered as a result of reduced labor and equipment requirements, lower foundation costs and lower ongoing building maintenance expenses.